Glasshole and other new words

Here is another selection of new words I found on the Wordspy website:

attention theft

The intrusion on a person’s attention by unwanted and unauthorized text, sounds, or images.


adj. Compulsively and excessively watchable or consumable, particularly a TV show or food.

boiling the frog

Slowly increasing a negative stimulus that would otherwise be rejected if performed all at once.


To discuss an existing but unacknowledged topic.


A person who advocates spending time away from online activities, particularly for mental or spiritual rejuvenation.


An action movie genre that features aging actors in the lead roles.


A word created from the parts of two or more existing words, particularly when the resulting term is awkward or unsightly


A person who uses a Google Glass wearable computer in an obnoxious, pretentious, or creepy manner.


The fear of the number 666.

kid credentialing

Having a child participate in activities, programs, and experiences that will look good on the child’s future college application.


An article or news story that consists primarily of a thematic list of short items.


While in a car in a crowded parking lot, waiting for, and possibly following, a person who is going to exit the lot and thus free up a parking spot.


A cute, attractive person; a cutie-pie

trophy kid

A child who grew up getting praise and trophies just for participating in activities, and now expects esteem and rewards as an adult.


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