Procaffinating and other new words

Here is another selection of new words I found on the Wordspy website:


The purchase of a company for the skills and talents of its employees rather than for its products or other assets.


A person who is excessively preoccupied by their dog’s health, or who tends to imagine ailments that the dog does not actually have.


A middle-aged man who is a devotee of cycling or some other sport that requires or encourages the wearing of Lycra. [Acronym: middle-aged man in Lycra]


Explaining in an overly intellectual, obsessively detailed way, particularly when the topic is obscure or highly technical.


Delaying or postponing something until one has had one or more cups of coffee; drinking coffee slowly as a delaying tactic


A newly coined word that is not yet widely used or accepted.

pup nup

A prenuptial agreement that specifies who gets custody of the couple’s dog or dogs


Mental distress felt while awaiting the results of a medical test, particularly an MRI or CT scan.


The belief that every problem has a solution, particular one that utilizes technology.


An eye-catching or compelling item that makes a person stop scrolling through a list of posts, particularly when using the thumb to scroll a touchscreen device.

time confetti 

Brief scraps of leisure time scattered throughout a person’s day.


A person who repeatedly proofreads writing because they are paranoid about publishing work that contains typos or other errors.


A group photograph taken by one of the members of the group. Also: ussie. [us + selfie]


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