An interview with the Burpos

The film Heaven Is For Real is about the Burpo family.  In the book, Burpo relates what his four year-old son Colton told him about what he remembered of his alleged trip to heaven. I haven’t read the book but I found this summary on a sceptical website:

 John the Baptist is “nice.”

Jesus has a rainbow-coloured horse

There are lots of colours in heaven, because heaven is where all the rainbow colours are.

Jesus has “markers” (red-coloured wounds in his hands and feet). He has brown hair and a beard. His eyes are very pretty. He wears white clothes with a purple sash, and he is the only one in heaven who wears purple. He has a circular “gold thing” on his head with a pink-coloured “diamond thing” in the centre.

Jesus teaches children in heaven, and gives them homework.

Everybody has wings in heaven, and everybody flies. But not Jesus. Jesus is the only one in heaven who does not have wings. He just goes up and down “like an elevator.”

People in heaven look like angels and have lights above their head. They all wear white with yellow sashes. They wear different colours than the angels do.

The angel Gabriel sits on the left side of God’s throne. He is “really nice.”

In heaven, Colton sat in a little chair next to the Holy Spirit, who was “kind of blue.”

No one is old in heaven, and no one wears glasses.

Jesus “shoots down power” to pastors when they are about to preach.

Angels carry swords in heaven to keep Satan out.

Besides Jesus’ rainbow horse, there are other animals in heaven, including dogs, birds, and a friendly lion.

Colton met Mary, the mother of Jesus. She “still loves him like a mom.”

And here you can see them being interviewed by the notorious Pat Robertson. You may remember that Robertson and      Jerry Falwell appeared to suggest homosexuals, abortion-rights supporters and liberal civil-rights activists were partly to blame for the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Anyway, enjoy the interview:

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