Clique-stalking and other new words

Here is another selection of new words I found on the Wordspy website:


A person’s collection of unread books.


2 to the power of 90 — approximately 10 to the power of 27 — bytes, or one thousand trillion terabytes.


Surreptitiously investigating a person’s friends or social media connections.


A male physique characterized by a slight flabbiness, undefined musculature, and a noticeable beer belly; a man who has such a physique.

distraction addict

A person whose attention is easily and constantly drawn away from the task at hand.


A driverless vehicle or unpiloted drone that delivers packages and other cargo.

Eroom’s Law

The observed exponential decline in the rate that new pharmaceutical drugs are discovered; specifically, the observation that, over the recent history of drug research by pharmaceutical companies, the number of new drugs discovered per billion dollars of research is halved every nine years.


Impervious to reason, counterexamples, or data, especially when they contradict one’s opinions or values.

goat cheese curtain

An imaginary boundary that separates urban sophisticates from those with simple, traditional, or uncultured tastes.

herd misogyny

Hatred towards or harassment of women perpetrated by a group of males.

hipster paradox

The tendency for people who assert their individuality using deliberately anti-mainstream dress and grooming to end up all looking very similar, thus becoming the new mainstream.


Extremely, even addictively, tasty, particularly due to a mixture of fat, sugar, and salt.

juice jacking

Stealing data from a portable device that is plugged into a hacked public charging station.

meat in a seat

A customer or employee who is unappreciated or viewed only as a source of revenue; an unskilled person who is just along for the ride.


A photo of one’s shoes or one’s bare feet.


A long or intense struggle with washing, folding, or pairing socks.


A photograph of one or more people, taken without their knowledge or consent.

the bacon of X

The most excellent or most satisfying example of something.

virtue signalling

Using words, actions, or symbols to indicate to other people that you are a good person or that you hold certain values.

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