Post-factual democracy and other new words

Here is another selection of new words I found on the Wordspy website:

binge learning

Compulsively or obsessively watching online lectures or taking online courses.


A fake romance, particularly one used to generate publicity for the participants.


An English dialect chiefly characterized by the use of accents and words, particularly slang terms, that borrow from or mimic Jamaican English


To use mathematics, logic, or a similar rational argument to make something inherently subjective appear to be objective.


An adult who is, and appears likely to remain, emotionally or intellectually immature.

post-factual democracy

A democracy in which ignorance and irrationality hold sway over facts and reason.


To conduct a text message conversation while walking.


tip creep

The gradual increase in the standard tip percentage as well as the number of service workers who expect or request tips.


zombie statistic

A false or misleading statistic that keeps getting repeated no matter how often it has been refuted.


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