Ten years in the blogosphere

It’s typical of me to forget an anniversary – just ask my long-suffering wife. On April 4th 2008 I did my first post, In Praise of Wikipedia. Now 940 posts later I’m still standing. I really had no idea that it would last a decade. I had planned to commemorate it, but it just slipped my mind.

The 8th year of the 3rd millennium began on a Tuesday. It was the International Year of Languages, Planet Earth, Sanitation and the Potato. The GFC was still in its infancy. George W. Bush was still president and would be succeeded by Barrack Obama, who defeated John McCain in November. It was a year of bailouts, especially after the collapse of Lehman Brothers. The financial may have been bad more long-term damage was done by The Sex and the City film. It was the year that Spain would win their first European Championship on colour TV.

It’s been good fun. The most difficult thing has been finding the time. I remember when I started I used to do four posts a week. Now I tend to do one or two a week. Nevertheless, I still love doing it and I hope to continue to share my view of the world.

One Response to Ten years in the blogosphere

  1. Alberto says:

    Thank you for these entertaining posts.

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