Nerd-sightedness and other new words

Here is another selection of new words I found on the Wordspy website:


The deliberate production of information or ideas that create ignorance or unwarranted doubt.


A person who practices or advocates letting babies cry themselves to sleep.

dog-directed speech

A manner of talking to dogs characterized by a high pitch, slow cadence, frequent repetition, and whimsical tone.

ghost hotel

A residence that is used mostly or exclusively as short-term rental accommodation, particularly when offered through an online booking service such as Airbnb.

insomnia identity

The erroneous belief that one has trouble sleeping, which leads to physical and psychological problems similar to those experienced by true insomniacs.


Embellishing or exaggerating one’s online dating profile.


A panel or similar public discussion group that consists only of men.


The inability to see beyond a technology’s interesting technical aspects, particularly to miss its ethical implications; to see the world from the perspective of a nerd.


Claiming that the craziest or most outrageous member of a group is a typical representative of that group.




2 Responses to Nerd-sightedness and other new words

  1. Robbie Yates says:

    Ha! These are fantastic. I love “nutpicking”.

  2. Robbie Yates says:

    I have a bit of intel
    Some info, if you will.
    I hope that this precipitates
    Some happiness and thrill.
    I’ve named you for a Liebster
    A kind of blog award
    And when somebody gave me one
    I was quite chuffed and floored.
    A part of this whole process?
    You’ve got to write a post.
    And that, for some’s, the reason
    They reject the Liebster most.
    So if you will accept it,
    I hope you find it swell,
    But if you just ignore it
    I’m fine with that as well 🙂


    This is the little write-up I wrote about your blog 🙂

    “…The fifth is molivam42. The guy
    Is quite a funny bloke.
    I stumbled on his blog by finding
    Funny language jokes.”

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