My name is Martin Oliva and I have decided to take the plunge into the blogosphere. I am an English teacher in Madrid. I’m interested in a lot of things – history economics, science, anthropology, football……..  I will be posting some opinions, links, trivia, articles and anything else I find interesting.I hope you enjoy it.

7 Responses to About

  1. Douglas says:

    As an English teacher watch your spelling (anthroppology)!

    Just so you don’t think I’m completely negative (a grumpy old shit) I think libertarians need to be heard as long as we have the choice not to listen or read!

  2. Sir (Martin Oliva?), “If you do not know, then do not act, else you’d be accused of plagiarism (especially since you claim to be a teacher). You MAY WISH TO KNOW that “Sexonomics”, having been created in 1978, with a “Handbook” (“The Golden Triangle – Sexuality, Money, Power – Sexonomics) published (see my website) in 1992, did not have its origins with Gary Becker and the writers of “Freakanomics”). To corredt your error, why don’t you take note of the fact that “Sexonomics” has been my, officially sanctioned, trademark since 1991, reconfirmed (U.S.A.) earlier this year. Since trademarks -as you are expected to know- are legally recognized ‘intellectual property’ (at least in the academic world), you should actually have asked me for permission to use it (just to make sure that you would not misrepresent my definition, scope and method of SEXONOMICS. At the very least, you owe me an apology, for its blatant misuse in your article. Do also note that my website has been registered under my literary pseudonym de la Lieux. Sincerely, Dr. Adalbert Lallier, professor emeritus of economics and international politics.

  3. molivam42 says:

    I’m glad to let you set the record straight about the term sexonomics. However, I find the use of the word plagiarism strange. I understand plagiarism as “a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work” At no point in the article did I claim it was original work. I would also like to add that I am a humble English teacher and that this blog is a hobby. I am not writing an academic paper. I do not have footnotes in my posts. Thanks.

  4. fraser allen says:

    Are you the Martin Oliva of Bishop’s Stortford fame? If so, we miss you – pls get in touch.

  5. molivam42 says:

    Yes indeed I am. It is great to hear from you. I have sent you an e-mail,

    • Anne Ross says:

      Hi Martin Oliva of Bishop Stortford fame – Neil and Anne would love to get back in touch with you too! Send us your email contact – we miss you!

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